Great! You've pulled together an exceptional employer brand that showcases your unique company story. Now what?


​To make the most of your employer branding efforts and to ensure it's getting discovered by candidates, you need to create a robust recruitment marketing strategy. Recruitment marketing and employer branding go hand in hand, working together to engage passive candidates and transform them into active applicants.

Harlow Creative: Your Recruitment Marketing Partner

With endless choices to activate your employer brand, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe you've tested a few things here or there with minimal results. Or perhaps you tried to do everything all at once and ended up burning yourself out. Or there's a chance that you don't know the first thing about marketing so you decided not to do it at all.


At Harlow, we believe a little can go a long way. We'll work with you to understand your talent market, recruiting goals, budgets, bandwidth, skills, and interests to create a recruitment marketing strategy that works for you while also elevating your employer brand.

​Our Approach


In this phase, we'll review your established employer brand, corporate marketing guidelines, and recruitment strategy. 


Our research phase focuses on brand immersion, market trends, competitors, external reputation insights, and review of your analytics/reporting


We'll review findings, identify key trends and themes, and develop a findings report.


In the final phase, we'll develop marketing strategy guidelines, content buckets, and templates for editorial calendars, social media strategy, and an integrated marketing campaign.

Work With Us

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