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Harlow Creative Co.

Harlow Creative Co. offers employer branding, marketing, and cloud technology services to support startups and SMBs during their growth phase. Through strategy development, activation, and consulting, we enable companies to hire the best talent, work smarter, and scale quicker.

We are Harlow

Meet the team dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

What We Stand For


"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

The world of work is changing fast and we need to pivot quickly to keep up. Staying resourceful and agile is part of who we are. And when the going gets tough, we see failures as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Keep it

"There is no you and me. There is we."

Buzzword bingo and flashy presentations never appealed to us. We believe they act as barriers, keeping us from building real partnerships. Consider us a reliable, approachable member of your team and we’ll do the same!

Embrace Balance

"The best work is done with a clear mind."

We find balance in everything we do, including work, play, and how we conduct business. We’re here to address your needs⁠—not to box you into an ill-fitting solution⁠—and create clear expectations and deadlines that are right for everyone. Let's do our best work, together. (And have fun while doing it!)

Constantly Question

"We can only grow by questioning the premise."

The phrase "it's always been done this way” isn't part of our vocabulary. Here, we’re constantly looking for ways to iterate, evolve, and work smarter.

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