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Cloud Tech Services

Technology moves at lightning speed, and to stay competitive, companies need to be one step ahead. Unfortunately, finding savvy tech talent is a struggle for companies of all sizes and industries, adding pressure on already lean teams.

So, how can you produce quickly if you can't find quality people?

Consider Harlow Creative Co. for your tech needs, projects, and training. With more than six years of experience working in cloud technology at tech giants such as Amazon, Warner Bros., and VMware, as well as working on scrappy teams at small startups, we've seen the challenges tech teams face. From hiring issues and skill gaps to scaling problems and rising tech debt, we've learned how to be effective.

As a certified AWS developer and a trained Scrum Master, we can act as a much-needed team member or be a consultant to help push your team forward.

How We Can Help

Pricing based on project scope. Contact us.

Cloud Services

  • Training, Education & Best Practices

  • Cloud Infrastructure design and architecture

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Operations at scale

  • DevOps strategy, ideology, and practice 

    • What is DevOps?

    • How to be Agile

    • What is Scrum?

    • Creating better performing teams

    • Tools (i.e., when to build versus buy and using the best tool for the job)

    • Limiting and eliminating technical debt

    • Automations to reduce operational overhead and toil

    • Containing and reducing your cloud costs

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Infrastructure design and architect

  • Infrastructure as code

  • Stability & Buildout (SRE)

  • Infrastructure availability, reliability, and up-time engineering

  • Application latency, performance, and efficiency

  • Docker, Kubernetes, and container development/building

  • Configuration management

  • Continuous integration & continuous deployment implementation (CI/CD)

  • Monitoring, metrics, and alerting 

  • Capacity and scale planning

  • Cloud cost reduction/management

  • Infrastructure Security & operations (SecOps)

  • Change management

  • Cloud migration

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