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The war for talent is as competitive as ever. And in this candidates’ market, the employers who come out on top are the ones building admirable company cultures and sharing their stories. Talent is no longer satisfied with "interesting" job descriptions and decent benefits. That’s the bare minimum. Now, they're searching for a full experience that includes growth opportunities, social responsibility, impactful work, great colleagues, flexibility, and more. After all, when you spend 40+ hours a week somewhere, don’t you want to be fulfilled?

What do you stand for?

To be successful in attracting, nurturing, and converting engaged candidates, you need to have an authentic message about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s not enough to select a few hot buzzwords, slap together a basic career site, and post on social media when you remember. You need an employee value proposition, a distinctive story, and consistency in your content. That’s where we come in.

Harlow Creative: Your Employer Branding Partner

Building a strong employer brand and executing consistent recruitment marketing strategies can seem like a pipe dream for many companies (we know, we’ve been there). Too often, the financial resources to hire someone full-time aren’t available, causing the work to fall on someone else within HR or recruiting. As hard as these individuals might try, the reality is their workloads aren’t conducive to managing this effectively.

Let us help you. Harlow Creative Co. can partner with you on many things, including establishing an employer brand foundation, creating a marketing strategy, or acting as an extended member of your team via project-based services. 

​Our Approach


In this phase, we'll gather established brand assets, survey details, corporate marketing guidelines, and recruitment strategy. Additionally, we'll interview leaders and select employees.


Our research phase focuses on market trends, competitors, and external reputation insights.


We'll review findings, identify key trends and themes, and develop a findings report.


In the final phase, we'll create brand assets such as EVP, brand lines, and voice/personality. We'll deliver this as a brand guideline document.

Work With Us