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Employer Branding

Employee Spotlight


Use our guide to get ideas for content, sample questions, and how to repurpose your spotlights.

Measure Your Employer


Use our cheat sheet to create an analytics dashboard and uncover trends.

Employer Branding


From design and editing to education and project management, we've got you covered.

Employer Branding Resources

From the basics of branding to more advanced strategies, employer branders looking to learn more or uplevel their skills have plenty of options to choose from.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Kickstart your recruitment marketing strategy. Use this free worksheet to get clear on your goals and plan your foundation.

Recruitment Marketing Campaign

Want to make your recruitment marketing strategy more impactful? Download our worksheet to help you plan your next campaign.

Content Planning Strategy

This content planning worksheet helps you build marketing strategies in an impactful, targeted way.

Planning a



This guide offers tips to help employer branders create engaging, consumable videos that tell stronger stories.

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