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Employer Branding Trends: Competitor Research & Measuring Your Brand

When planning your recruitment marketing strategy and content calendar, ensure you’re making the most of your time and effort. In evaluating what’s accessible to you skills-wise, money-wise, and time-wise, you can focus on how to build out your plan. It will also help you know what to review when doing competitive research or assessing your current employer brand.

Competitor Research & Measuring Your Brand

To get a pulse on how or what you should consider for your strategy, check out what your competitors are doing compared to your own employer brand. Here, you’ll identify areas of opportunity and where you might be lacking.

In this video we cover:

  • Why doing this research upfront makes a difference

  • How data can help you make more strategic decisions

  • How identifying trends can help you differentiate yourself

  • Why measuring your own brand efforts regularly allows you to plan better

  • And more!

Create a spreadsheet that lets you evaluate all the data so you can clearly identify trends (make sure you do this evaluation at least once a year). Your brand, competitors, and talent markets are always shifting. You want to be proactive so you don't miss anything!

If you’re a lean team or a team of one managing your employer brand, doing this research helps you create a marketing and content strategy that makes the most impact without wasting time. By identifying a few areas to focus on first, you’ll pace yourself better and ensure your brand engages candidates while standing out from the crowd.

Watch the video here.

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